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Learn language through literature.
How it Works


You can create source texts and audio or translate existing foreign texts into another tongue. Besides increasing the library to help others learn, “teaching” will help you to become an expert in another language.

How to Teach

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With Tongues you can learn a language through its literature–from fairy tales to novels to important historical or religious documents.

Do you really want to say “I understand French. I don’t understand French. Do you understand French?” over and over again? Why not work through “Beauty and the Beast” in its original tongue? (It’s not much like the Disney movie) Would you rather memorize all the conjugations of “sein” or instead help construct them in action while reading the original “Grimms Fairy Tales”?

Tongues will connect you with other cultures and (mostly) painlessly teach you how to read, speak, and write in their language.

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